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"It's time to fall in love with your iPhone, all over again."

"cute" "truly lovely" "really cool"

Two love struck iPhone users stand together under the stars (or outside at least, to improve their GPS accuracy), stare into each others eyes and - just when the moment seems right - they simultaneously go to the App Store and install this most special piece of software.

Minutes later they both click on the little red heart, confirming that they are indeed ready to fall in love.

From then on, wherever they are, even if they stray from one another, this steadfast application helps them see just how far apart they are. If your lover is far away, the heart remains small. As they draw ever closer, as long as they are checking their app too, your heart swells and beats ever more quickly. Using the Cupid's Compass option, they see their hearts punctured by an arrow that always points towards their lover. When apart they can share loving thoughts that sparkle and dance around their lover's heart.

Solo users get to share the romance too: find the place that you love most in the world and click to fall in love right there. Your heart will show you how far you have strayed from the place it longs to be.

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